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They aim to breathe life into one of Paris’ tourist destinations, and re-create the atmosphere of the Belle-Époque by decorating shop blinds of the local businesses on Rue Cavalotti, right near the Montmartre cemetery.


French plans to topple Gaddafi on track since last November

Voltaire Network - ‎Mar 25, 2011‎
Nouri Mesmari turned himself over to the French secret service and, according to the Italians, he masterminded the revolution against Gaddafi.

Bringing art back to a Montmartre street

RFI - Paul Nolan - ‎11 hours ago‎
Paris is often accused of being a museum city, more preoccupied with its past than its present. Those fresh out of school dreaming of changing the status quo often find they get entangled in red tape before they even begin.

Elbé on Israeli cinema's 'energy, curiosity and political engagement'

France24 - Jon Frosch - ‎Mar 24, 2011‎
The 11th Israeli Film Festival is underway in Paris and will continue through March 29. France24.com sat down for an interview with French actor and director Pascal Elbé, who is headlining the festival as a guest of honour.

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