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Discover FranceWeb, The Internet for You, over 70,000+ searchable databases and specialty search engines.The Infinite Archive. Storing bits for 100 years.

Discover over 70,000+ searchable databases and specialty search engines.
The Infinite Archive. Storing bits for 100 years.

Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succeed.

The Global Evolution


Look to the Future, and what do you see? New life, new technology.

This is our vision of the future: inventing a better world in which you grow up.

Collaborate, Communicate, Connect...24/7/365.


Our Mission : Building Global Communication Networks.


The World is our Workplace. Let's work togheter.


To preserve our knowledge base and cultures, we must find a way to save digital content for future generation. 


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A comprehensive listing of dynamic searchable databases. Find databases with highly relevant documents that cannot be crawled or indexed by surface web search engines.
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Technical White Papers: The Deep Web
Why is Standard Search Alone Inadequate to Meet Real Business Needs?


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