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3ARWD1.GIFAbout This Web Site


Participative Transformation


sharing information, knowledge, risks and profits


Interactive Business Communities


FranceWeb,e-GlobalNetWork® is the largest sociotechnical system humankind has ever seen. It has changed the way we interact, learn and innovate. Almost daily it appears to change, improve and increase its hold on us.


In fact , it has been created for anyone interested in virtual worlds and social networks whether commercialy, because you want to explore the possibilities such environments present, or for academic curiosity.


It is the result of a major collaborative effort by members of the same business faculty, to identify and define solutions for the most frequently occuring issues and problems for small, medium and large businesses as well as for non-profit organisations.


Readers will be able to quickly locate, understand and use a specific tool or technique to solve a problem, rather than having to uncover a decision making tool buried within a textbook.


Turn Strategy into Action, to deliver to add value for best results


"Anywhere Anytime Team"


how to take people on the journey towards a Smart Working organisational culture.


SRU-Electronics reframes organisation culture to bridge the divide and improve results


Business educators, researchers and senior executives responsible for strategy, particularly in high-tech industries, will find insight and ideas to tackle market and business discontinuities on the 21st century.




This web site is a dynamic and comprehensive Knowledge Management information resource for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage and world-class recognition. The site was built and continues to evolve in the true spirit of Knowledge Management: to share with others and help them succeed.


Collaboration is defined as a way by which companies in a supply chain are actively working together toward common objectives, and is characterized by sharing information, knowledge, risks and profits 


This web site is brought to you by:
a Knowledge Management consulting services provider


Your feedback is encouraged and welcome!




Transforming data -> information -> knowledge -> profits.

“To utilize knowledge management synergy
in delivering business solutions that achieve
competitive advantage and world-class recognition."




Create an awareness of knowledge management throughout the organization and facilitate related training.


Develop knowledge management strategic and tactical plans. Making the Connections


Coordinate knowledge management initiatives and direct their implementation, including forming the necessary teams.


Propose recommendations and solutions after analyzing the challenges of the people, the business, and the organization. Smart Working organisational culture. Learn and Digitize. Smart Flexibility.


Identify new opportunities and strategies based on the current and desired environment and marketplace.


Do you have a proposal for us ?


Stefan Raducanu
+33 (0)1 39 65 50 34

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