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Innovation & Agile Knowledge Sharing to the SRU-Electronics> Share Your Story>Our experience and accelerators = your success>Benefits of agility in business-> New Special Report: Agility>Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succed


Call For Speakers

Agile Knowledge Sharing & Innovation

To be successful, today’s organizations have to be flexible and fast, able to easily transfer and share knowledge, deal with zettabytes of data, innovate, engage and impact communities and customers in positive ways. The platforms, processes and programs have to respond in a timely fashion to make this happen and to keep customers satisfied. The culture of the organization, the people, enables the transformations and innovations – and well-oiled collaborative organizations excel at leading the charge! Being agile is critical. Agile can mean applying an incremental and iterative approach, or evolving through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams to promote early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourage rapid and flexible response to change. So how do we apply these techniques to knowledge sharing and innovation in our enterprises to be successful in today’s world? Join the conversation of speakers and colleagues at KMWorld 2015 and share your experience and techniques for agile knowledge sharing and innovation!

Speaking Topics

KMWorld 2015 is seeking experienced knowledge, content, search, and enterprise experts who can provide practical, hands-on information, case studies, and instruction that will maximize the value of the conference attendees’ technological investments. We want to share creative ideas for sharing knowledge, maximizing collaboration, fostering learning and innovation, building talent and a knowledge sharing culture, as well as content and other resources in open, diverse, agile, and networked organizations. Topics will include (but not be limited to) the strategic, technical, cultural, and managerial issues surrounding:

  • Agile Processes for Knowledge-Driven Organizations
  • Innovation: Strategies and Case Studies
  • Knowledge Sharing Tools & Techniques
  • Enabling the Mobile Worker
  • Dealing with Organizational Cultures and Change
  • eGovernment KM Strategies and Applications
  • Building Collaborative Organizations
  • Digital Workspaces for Maximum Efficiency
  • eLearning Strategies and Case Studies
  • Communication and Intranet Practices for Knowledge Exchange
  • Sharing & Applying Knowledge for Enterprise Success
  • Fostering Know-How and Learning
  • Creating Networked Organizations
  • The Enterprise of the Future
  • Getting the Most Out of SharePoint
  • KM 3.0 – New Tools and Practices
  • Crowdsourcing and Knowledge Sharing
  • Maximizing Human Capital
  • Collaborative Techniques & Improving Knowledge Flows
  • Social Computing and Networking Media
  • Achieving Enterprise ROI / Knowledge-Driven Strategies
  • Leading-Edge Enterprise Tools and Practices
  • Selecting, Deploying, and Maximizing Tools and Technologies
  • KM Techniques and Experiences
  • SharePoint Tips & Tricks
  • Enlisting Top Management Support
  • Business Performance Measures and Metrics
  • Enterprise Content Management Strategies and Tools
  • Collaborative Tools and Solutions
  • Critical Success Factors for KM Initiatives
  • Winning KM and Enterprise Strategies and Techniques
  • Communities of Practice
  • Enterprise Search and Information Discovery
  • Intranet Design and Usability
  • Facilitating Teams and Collaborative Work
  • And, KM/Intranet Implementation Case Studies, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned

How to Submit a Proposal to Speak

To participate in KMWorld 2015 as a possible speaker or workshop leader, or suggest a speaker, please post your submission no later than March 27, 2015, using our online form. Submissions must include a proposed title and description of the session, speakers’ and co-presenter’s name/s and full contact information, a few sentences of biographical information relating the speaker to the topic. All submissions will be reviewed by the Organizing & Review Committee and notification regarding acceptance will be made in June. We look forward to hearing from you!

Conference Program Chairs

Jane Dysart, KMWorld Program Director & Chair
Dysart & Jones Associates 

Hugh McKellar, KMWorld Program Co-Chair
& SharePoint Symposium Program Chair
Editor, KMWorld magazine

Marydee Ojala, Enterprise Search & Discovery Program Chair
Editor-in-Chief, Online Searcher

Mike Crandall, Taxonomy Boot Camp Program Chair
University of Washington

Stephanie Lemieux, Taxonomy Boot Camp Program Co-Chair
Dovecot Studio

Innovation & Agile Knowledge Sharing to the SRU-Electronics> Share Your Story>Our experience and accelerators = your success>Benefits of agility in business-> New Special Report: Agility>Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succed



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