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FranceWebSpaceStar, Create, Listen, Publish, A new type of social management platform has emerged, reates intelligent social workflow

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Social Media Management Platforms, The Intelligent Social Workflow, Competitive Analytics Platforms.

FranceWeb was created in 2002 by a team of entrepreneurs experts, with the aim of detecting, fostering and promoting innovation in digital services and uses. Working at the crossroads between technology, business, the arts and social change, FranceWeb is a network, an idea accelerator, a think tank and a resource for innovation.

Create, Listen, Publish

A new type of social management platform has emerged - one that creates intelligent social workflow and enables you to ideate, analyze and compare the channels, content, and campaigns of thousands of brands (including your own). While the traditional platforms are important and likely more well known, it's the later that pulls everything togheter and help answer the critical questions.


Key metrics that will give you an overall view of how your brand's social media is performing.

Instructions for locating these metrics

Bite-sized insights from industry experts


Social Media Analyst

Community Managers

Social Media Consultants

Account Planners/Strategists

Social Media Analytics in Five Minutes a Day

Our vision, Special Research Unit

 Global4.gifWe founded SRU-Electronics with a single aspiration: to help people work better together.
Digital technologies are connecting everything around us, making everyday things smarter and augmenting our experiences. Information is the new utility. We’ll look at emerging opportunities in the digital economy, and the implications for our personal and professional lives.

SRU-Electronics provides the intelligence you’ll need to succeed by exploring tomorrow's digital technologies and explaining their global impact on business and society. You'll gain access to the innovative people and companies at the heart of the next wave of the digital revolution.

We believe that true collaboration knows no barriers. People should be able to work easily with each other irrespective of whom they work for, where they are based, the language they communicate in or the technology they choose to use.

We believe that true collaboration means more than just file sharing. It’s about delivering the right information to the right people and giving them all the tools they need to achieve their goals in one place.

We believe that true collaboration is about actions not words. It’s about actually getting stuff done, not just talking about getting it done. Fewer status updates, more completed projects.

We believe that you deserve the best: ease of use, security, value, support and commitment to your success.

We’re building the most trusted network for secure cross-organization collaboration in the World. For your business. For your team. For you.

SRU for Marketing breaks down organizational silos with easier enterprise collaboration across departments, geographies and even other enterprises – so you can engage seamlessly with ad and PR agencies, event organizers, brand custodians…even customers. SRU increases productivity, leverages relevant cloud, mobile and social content, while delivering a secure environment that empowers  teams to create, share and deliver the decisive intellectual property demanded by enterprises everywhere.

The SMART DATA platform enables your marketing staff to quickly connect with the people, content and resources they need to get their

Increase your traffic. We have the best web french sites on our network all ready and waiting to freely advertise your website or product, offered everything immagined...and infinitely more !


Discover how we can help keep you Ahead of Tomorrow in the digital age

 SRU-Electronics is an enterprise collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking, content creation, real-time communications and project management.

Be  a Part of Our Story

Using SRU, your Product Marketing professionals can manage projects, share files and collaborate with people inside and outside of their organization. Content and conversations are combined in one central view and users have a workable preview of files without the need to download them. For example, you can collaborate on road maps. Work with analysts on MQs and sponsored content. Engage seamlessly and securely with engineering, sales, and other consultants on competitive analyses. And if you’re interested, also write and share blogs, white papers, demos and presentations.

The Power of full Integration
Make your website a one-stop source for business info

Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succeed.

Have you ever counted up how many third-parties you engage with: the PR and ad agencies, the freelance writers, digital designers, event organizers, sponsorship organizations, video crews and customers, partners or prospects? You need to synchronize activities with your entire extended team in order to boost the return from your marketing investment.

Coordinating projects with freelancers

Collaborating with analysts

Managing the customer advocacy program

Marketing enablement

To be effective, your marketing team needs the right tools, training and techniques. You can manage all your marketing knowledge and training with SRU. For example, you can keep content in a central, secure space to reduce the time spent searching for information. SRU also allows enablement information to be stored centrally and to be accessible to anyone who needs it. Consequently, knowledge flows more freely and efficiently across your organization.



Over 5,000,000,000 postings research updated provided daily since 2000, with an emphasis on primary sources.


 Dipl.Ing.Stefan V.Raducanu, MyNewsCenterNavigator

Driver of Innovation

Shadow into the Light

Using Connected Intelligence to Lead and Differentiate


Our next-generation platformgives news & media organizations the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

Powerful, easy-to-use editorial tools

Creating and organizing articles, videos, images, collections, polls, audio files,
links and more is easy with our user-friendly editorial interface.

A day in the World,  Discover the World  Delivers what You need



When You have Data, You Win !

We have SmartData...for You !

We are Made in France

 FranceWeb,e-GlobalNetWork® Best French Blogs

 FranceWebSharing, a free real-time news, networking and information portal. Congoo’s unique channels merge the most important news with industries’ most important people. FranceWeb’s acclaimed features provide members with access to a higher level of information than can be found on any other portal. The combination of access to real-time news and industry insiders provides an unparalleled sense of connection with each member’s industry

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