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MyNewsCenterNavigator & SRU-Electronics, Provide consulting and exchange information and ideas in order to find common e-business opportunities



Provide consulting and exchange information and ideas in order to find common e-business opportunities

SRU-Electronics conducts research, development and demonstration (RD&D) relating to the generation, delivery and use of knoledge for the benefit of the public. An independent, nonprofit organization, we bring together scientists and engineers as well as experts from academia and the industry to help address challenges in knoledge.

Our work spans nearly every area of knoledge  generation, delivery and use, management and environmental responsibility. We provide both short- and long-term solutions in these research areas for the electronics industry, its customers and society. The depth and breadth of our work is outlined in our archive containing 3 386.920 articles .


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World platform for the electronics industry.


Global sources in all areas of Electronics  

SRU-Electronics covers the latest news on technologies from semiconductors to EDA tools and includes  special sections in every issue focusing on areas stretching from communications to embedded systems. You can also learn about what's hot in IC design, subsystems, systems design and signals. SRU-Electronics opens doors into not only the vast resources available online today and how to use them efficiently, but also new possibilities for collaboration and communication at both local and global levels.Plus get access to leading opinion from editors, columnists and senior executives in the electronics industry.

As the technology world's most respected community , Electronics brings business and technology executives, managers and teams together for highly productive meetings, group sessions and conferences. The result : collaboration, inspiration and ideas!

Au 21e siècle, l'information est la clé du succès, et rien n'est moins utile que les nouvelles à jour.

SRU-Electronics, est un portail au service des ingénieurs, chercheurs, enseignants, décideurs techniques et économiques. Tout ingénieur, tout chercheur, tout enseignant utilise quotidiennement et souvent simultanément les technologies de l'électricité, de l'électronique, du contrôle-commande, de la communication, de l'information. Savoir oû celles-ci en sont, quelles seront leurs évolutions, quelles peuvent être leurs applications, valorise son action et contribue à son efficacité. Quotidien d'information à leur service, SRU leur propose un état de l'art réguliérement renouvelé sur l'ensemble de ces technologies, établi par des confréres qui ont les connues, développées ou utilisées. Cette information de haut niveau est complétée par des rubriques d'actualité sur la vie des entreprises et des laboratoires de ces secteurs, sur les manifestations, les publications, la formation, la normalisation, les nouveaux produits. SRU-Electronics est ainsi un outil de connaissance, de réflexion, d'échange, nécessaire à tous ceux qui veulent insérer leur vie professionnelle d'ingénieur, de chercheur, d'enseignant, de décideur dans la réalité technique et industrielle la plus récente.

Stefan Raducanu - Administrator

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Not just Internet strategies. Web solutions.

"In that model, NEWSCENTER Navigator become platforms for the technology to use their services," Stefan said, "to build businesses on top of them, and also to interlink — hyperlink — all of the different information sources that end users will take."

To move themselves forward, he said, newspapers will have to get used to the idea that they are not just generators of trusted, professional content, but also aggregators of the new kinds of information the Web has enabled — collectively edited knowledge structures such as Wikipedia, and user-generated information in the form of blogs, images and online video.

"Innovation is bizarre because it's very difficult to centrally plan," he said. "But you can architect a structure where innovation is welcome, and where it's taken advantage of."

"We need to reinvent the way the Web delivers this content," he said, "so that you can have the kind of experience, when people are wandering around with their phone and so forth, that you can have with a printed magazine.

"From my perspective, the online experience can be thought of as terrible compared to what I view as this wonderful experience with magazines and newspapers."

Perhaps not surprisingly for the leader of one of the most inventive technology companies of the 21st century, Stefan's prescription for newspapers — an industry that has struggled to escape a dying, century-old business model — is innovation.

"One of the fundamental problems with the Internet is that it doesn't respect traditional scarcity structures. It's very hard to hold information back." To create value from content that can be difficult to control, he said, "We think the answer is advertising."

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