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Bezos, Amazon board in capital, but no HQ2 news…

Bezos, Amazon board in capital, but no HQ2 news…

By Jonathan O’Connell and Robert McCartney

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos and the company’s board of directors are arriving in Washington, D.C., in advance of a series of high-profile appearances for Bezos, amid intense anticipation among local officials and executives about when the Internet giant might announce the location of its second headquarters.

The company says no announcement will be forthcoming on this trip. But four people close to the company’s board of directors say the board members are coming to Washington. It is unclear whether the board is holding a formal meeting; Amazon has booked the Renwick Gallery for a 40-person dinner Tuesday night, according to a museum spokesman. The museum did not provide details about the event or who would be attending. Amazon declined to comment.

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