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1agld1r.gifKnow why, Know who, Know where, Know what.

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SRU-Electronics" is an impressive research portal that also provides an interactive component that draws from both social media and knowledge management processes."

MyNewsSRU,DigitalWorkplace,Bringing it All Together,Transformation Strategy Pyramid is a tool I have used over the last ten years to structure thoughts and guidance for my clients For Transformation initiatives,News,Media & Press,KM,IE,Blogs,Events,Google

Learn, Meet, Discover, Exchange, Collaborate, Connect, Anywhere, Anytime, Any device, the people..by the people, everything

We’re getting a lot of requests for the video link to “Say Everything”. This is the first song on our latest album release, New Folk.


Dans le monde avec ''MyNewsCenterNavigator''

Our events provide you with laser focused content, unique experiences, access to people & ideas that create innovation, relevant connections, & generate business.

Success is a great feeling. So what’s needed for your users to succeed when doing research? It’s about finding the most relevant results in the library collections, the ability to easily cite resources, or to get search suggestions at the right time. 



The Grid,a member-based partnership network for urban tech community. The goal of the network is to link organizations, academia and local tech leaders in order to promote collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and resources.

In addition to connecting member companies and talent, The Grid will host various events, educational programs and co-innovation projects, while hopefully improving access to investors as well as pilot program opportunities. The Grid is launching with more than 70 member organizations — approved through an application and screening process — across various stages and sectors.

Your Digital Workplace,

Successful Digital Workplace

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