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Internet of Things in Poland 2016

Trend analysis and development forecasts for 2016-2021

The IoT in itself is not a revolutionary idea but it rather indicates what can be achieved by, on the one hand, connecting traditional devices in our surroundings to a network and, on the other hand, by using various types of sensors. It has been driven first of all by the increase in the penetration of internet services, including broadband connections, accompanied by the rapid expansion of mobile access services, smartphones and mobile applications.


This report from PMR is an attempt to systematise what is known about the Internet of Things in Poland. It presents the key global trends and forecasts concerning the IoT. Even more essential is the confrontation of that data with the situation on the domestic market and an attempt at finding out to what degree the global scenarios and forecasts are relevant for the Polish market. This is a crucial question as the situation in Poland, especially in specific narrower areas or segments, differs considerably from the global trends.


What includes this report?X

  • PMR's analysis of the IoT covers both the demand and supply side.
  • The segments of business users (B2B) and individual customers (B2C) are discussed separately. Within the B2B segment the scale of the phenomenon was determined as well as the share of the IoT in IT spending broken down into different economy sectors (verticals). In the mass market (B2C) the segments of wearables and of smart home solutions were identified.
  • The report makes use of the findings from PMR's own survey conducted on a sample of 1,000 users in the autumn of 2016. The survey concerned the broadly defined Internet of Things. The analysis of trends and forecasts is supplemented by opinions voiced by the representatives of the top 100 IT companies in Poland. One of the issues touched upon in that periodic survey of the executive staff at the biggest IT companies in Poland was the Internet of Things.
  • Additionally, the findings from a survey of large enterprises and SMEs active in the B2B segment were used when making estimates and defining the necessary premises.


Who benefits from the report?X

  • Executive staff, Polish telecoms' departments of B2B strategy and solutions
  • Business development and sales managers representing IT suppliers (services and software)
  • Distributors of consumer electronics – the biggest stores and online platforms
  • Higher managers representing the leaders and top players in the following sectors of economy: retail, transport and logistics, industry, healthcare, finance, power, agriculture
  • Representatives of the biggest cities in Poland
  • Suppliers of telecommunications and network devices
  • Consulting, research and business intelligence companies
  • Chambers of commerce, professional organisations
  • Universities, scientific institutes
  • Domestic finance institutions (banks, brokerage houses, investment funds)
  • Foreign finance institutions with an international reach


Why buy the report?X

  • Comprehensive analysis of the Internet of Things
  • Findings of PMR's dedicated surveys, both B2B and B2C
  • A map of the competitive environment and players participating in the IoT value chain
  • Structural analysis and division into verticals (retail, transport and logistics, industry, healthcare, finance, power, agriculture, smart cities, smart home, wearables).
  • Verification of the global trends and forecasts in the Polish context
  • Realistic assessment of the IoT-related hype and the separation of expectations from actual possibilities
  • Forecasts for the development of the IoT in Poland


PMR provides a good service and is always open to discussion. All reports are well structured & are always on time.Member of the Managment Board, SCA Hygiene Products

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Any time, Any where, Any one, Any user, Any language:SRU-Electronics & MyNewsCenterNavigator, China,"We are open to share this technology with both domestic and foreign companies

 By Du Juan | China Daily | Updated: 2016-12-27 07:58

China has independently developed a software for resources exploration that aims to raise the operational efficiency of oilfields and coal mines, a process which promises to break the monopoly of international companies in the sector.

The software, call iPreSeis, is an application using seismological waves to image and quantitatively predict oil and other reserves.

The idea of developing such software was initiated in 2003. After more than a decade, the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development-under the China National Petroleum Corporation, the country's largest energy developer-announced the success of the innovation.

Zhao Bangliu, chief engineer of the exploration and production subsidiary of CNPC, said the company had already applied this software in many of its overseas oilfields.

"We are open to share this technology with both domestic and foreign companies, not only in the oil industry, but also coal and nuclear companies where it can be used for locating resources predicting reserves," he said.

Owing to different conditions in oilfields, it was hard to estimate the cost reduction of oil exploration by using the new software, but the price of the software itself was 60 percent lower than similar foreign products, Zhao said.

According to the institution, iPreSeis is covered by several national invention patents and it is considered a crucial achievement in China's onshore petroleum and natural gas exploration technologies.

In a deep oil exploration block in a domestic geological basin, the drilling success rate surged to more than 86 percent from the previous 60 percent after using the software, CNPC said.

Yu Baocai, deputy general manager of CNPC, said the oil industry was facing falling prices, higher production costs and lower resource quality globally.

"Energy explorers need to make greater efforts to extract resources in difficult areas and try to find resources through innovative technology," he said.

"The need for scientific innovation is now more urgent than at any time in the past."

Li Yan, an energy analyst at consultancy Shandong Longzhong Information Technology Co, said the new technology would be helpful for predicting the quantity of the underground oil resources, which would raise production efficiency.

However, China's domestic resources policy doesn't encourage large-scale oil developments because of the prevailing conditions in the international crude market, which means that this technological advance would not raise the total national production anytime soon, he said.

"In fact, affected by the weakening global crude price, China's domestic crude output is predicted to fall 6 percent to 7 percent year-on-year in 2016, which is the first drop in the past five years," Li said.

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Maytszishan Caves - YouTube

Buddhist complex Maytszishan little known. It is located in Gansu Province in northwest China. This is a striking architectural complex, carved out of the rock. Maytszishan has 7,000 Buddhist sculptures and nearly 1,000 square meters of murals.


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