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L'UE et la Chine débattent du problème de surcapacité dans le secteur sidérurgique

Le «groupe de contact pour l'acier» établi entre l'UE et la Chine s’est réuni le 10 mars à Pékin pour examiner les causes des graves difficultés auxquelles est confronté le secteur sidérurgique, et pour rechercher des solutions durables. En tant que premier producteur d’acier au niveau mondial, la Chine a un rôle important à jouer pour réduire la surcapacité mondiale.

Lire le communiqué de presse

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EU-China trade relations
EU anti-dumping policy
Most recent investigations on steel imports from China

[PDF] A power audit of EU-China relations

J Fox, F Godement - ECFR, 2009 - politica-china.org
Europe's approach to China is stuck in the past. China is now a global power: decisions
taken in Beijing are central to virtually all the EU's pressing global concerns, whether climate
change, nuclear proliferation, or rebuilding economic stability. China's tightly controlled ...

[PDF] Challenges for EU-China cooperation in Africa

J Solana - China Daily, 2007 -
A new generation of African leaders is under way to truly integrate African societies in the
world economy and to ensure the political place Africa deserves. Democracy is gaining
ground and the number of armed conflicts in Africa is diminishing. We are coming closer to ...

EU vs. China: Challenges and Opportunities for European Companies

K Griesar - ACS symposium series, 2009 - cat.inist.fr
Résumé/Abstract The chemical industry is one of the largest and most diversified in the
world. The total demand for chemicals (including pharmaceuticals) in 2007 was valued at€
2, 4 trillion. The EU-27 accounted for 28.9% of this, the United States for 21.3%, Japan for ...

[LIVRE] The EU and China: partners in effective multilateralism?

L Odgaard, S Biscop - 2006 - egmontinstitute.be
In a way, both the European Union and China can be seen as new global strategic actors in
the politico-military dimension of world affairs. While both, in view of their economic and
demographic weight, for some time have certainly had the potential to become global ...

The Development of EU-China Relations

F Cameron - European Studies: A Journal of European Culture, …, 2009 - ingentaconnect.com
The EU and China have both undergone dramatic changes in the past 20 years. With 480
million citizens, a single currency and the largest GDP in the world the EU has become an
important actor on the international stage. China, with over 1.3 billion citizens, has ...

China, the EU, and the New Multipolarity

G Geeraerts - European Review, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
Abstract The world within which the EU and China have to deal with each other is changing.
The unipolar moment is definitely fading and slowly giving way to an international system
characterized by multilayered and culturally diversified polarity. This development has far- ...

[PDF] The Role of France and Germany in EU-China Relations

S Weske - CAP Working, 2007 - kms1.isn.ethz.ch
Abstract: The European China policy cannot be analysed as if the EU were a state with one
and the same will: Each decision is the result of a complex search for compromise, which
has become even more difficult after the 2004 and 2007 enlargement rounds, raising the ...

Images, visibility and the prospects of soft power of the EU in Asia: the case of China

K Chan - Asia Europe Journal, 2010 - Springer
Abstract Europe's ability to project power is said to have depended on a unique combination
of normative influence with a specific mix of policy instruments that help increase its political
and economic influence all around the world. For the purpose of this analysis, the images ...

Assessing EU Leadership on Climate Change-The Limits of Diffusion in EU Relations withChina and India

D Torney - 2012 - ideas.repec.org
The EU has for a long time claimed the title of leader in the international politics of climate
change. However, existing research has generally failed to specify whether the EU's
purported leadership has induced the followership of other states. This working paper ...

The current status and prospects of the 'strategic partnership'between the EU and China: towards the conclusion of a partnership and cooperation agreement

A Sautenet - European Law Journal, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract: This article aims to evaluate legal aspects of the content and implementation of the
'strategic partnership'between the EU and the People's Republic of China. In the absence of
a category of 'emerging countries' in international economic law, the Union must adapt its ...

Regulation and Competition in the Legal Profession: Developments in the EU and China

NJ Philipsen - Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2010 - papers.ssrn.com
Abstract: The regulation of professional services has been high on the political agenda for
years now in Europe. This paper points out the methods of working and the strategies used
by the European Commission (Directorate General for Competition) and various national ...

The potentials and limits of ChinaEU cooperation on climate change and energy security

C Holzer, H Zhang - Asia Europe Journal, 2008 - Springer
Abstract Due to economic interdependency through trade and investment, economies of
scale, and economic complementarities, China and the European Union (EU) have a huge
potential for cooperation. Already many things have happened so far. Since 2004, the ...

EU-China relations–an assessment by the communications of the European union

O Griese - Asia Europe Journal, 2006 - Springer
Abstract This paper is an analysis of the EU policy towards the Peoples' Republic of China
(China); focusing only on various aspects of the Communications of the Commission. The
focus will be on three aspects of the relation: politics, economics and cooperation. We will ...

Impact of European Sovereign Debt Crisis to China-EU Trade [J]

LUO Chuan-jian - Journal of International Trade, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
With the outbreak of the Greek sovereign debt, the euro zone and even the whole world
were shrouded in the economic crisis again. Because of the euro system, the Greek debt
crisis gradually evolved into the European debt crisis, and impacted the global financial ...

Environmental issues as a 'strategic'key in EUChina relations

D Scott - Asia Europe Journal, 2009 - Springer
Abstract EUChina relations face some troubled areas, notably their differing views on
human rights and a widening trade imbalance in China's favour, compounded by the still
weak foreign policy coherence on the part of the EU. This raises problems for the EU ...

Whom to follow? Central Asia between the EU and China

E Kavalski - China Report, 2007 - chr.sagepub.com
Abstract This analysis undertakes a preliminary conceptual assessment of the international
agency of the European Union (EU) and China in Central Asia. The contention is that the
strategies advanced by both Brussels and Beijing in the region reflect not only their desire ...

[PDF] EU-China security relations

M Zaborowski - … eu/fr/publications/detail-page/article/eu-china …, 2008 - plasticgeneration.com
Until recently European security planners had little to say about and indeed not much
interest in China. The People's Republic was primarily regarded as the cradle of an ancient
and rich culture, a place where Europeans liked to travel and, latterly, make money, taking ...

The Impact of China-EU Trade on Climate Change

Y Yunfeng, Y Laike, J Priewe - Geopolitics, History and …, 2011 - search.proquest.com
Abstract International trade has a significant impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
and global climate change. In this respect, trade between China and the European Union,
as the world's two biggest exporters, is critical to the global GHG emission reduction efforts ...

Overview of an innovative EUChina collaboration in education and research in sustainable built environment

R Yao, K Steemers - Renewable Energy, 2009 - Elsevier
This paper introduces an international collaboration of EU and Asia in education, training
and research in the field of sustainable built environment, which attempts to develop a
network of practical and intellectual knowledge and training exchange between Chinese ...

EU-China Relations: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

N Rees - European Studies: A Journal of European Culture, …, 2009 - ingentaconnect.com
This chapter offers and in-depth examination of the origins and the development of EU-
China relations, in the context of the EU-China'Strategic Partnership'. The chapter looks at
how contemporary, bilateral, Member State relations have formed the background to the ...

[HTML] Technical solutions to improve global sustainable management of waste electrical andelectronic equipment (WEEE) in the EU and China

E Long, S Kokke, D Lundie, N Shaw, W Ijomah, C Kao - Journal of Remanufacturing, 2016
Abstract With the amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) being
generated every year and increasing at an accelerating rate, the management of electronic
waste (e-waste) has become an important global issue. This article contains a literature ...

EU Diplomacy and the EUChina strategic relationship: framing, negotiation and management

M Smith - Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 2016
Abstract This article focuses on the development of the EU's strategic relationship with
China, by exploring the balance amongst three key mechanisms mobilized by the EU:
framing, negotiation and management. The article outlines these issues in general, ...

A comparison of oil supply risks in EU, US, Japan, China and India under different climate scenarios

M van Moerkerk, W Crijns-Graus - Energy Policy, 2016
Abstract For many countries, the inflow of energy is essential to keep economies running. Oil
is typically considered to be the most critical fuel as an input for the petro-chemical and
transportation sector and due to limited and less spread reserves. In this study external oil ...


EU Security Policy regarding China. Its Nature and the Reasons for its continuous Stability, 1995-2014

M Renner - 2016
The scholarly literature on EU security policy regarding China reveals a remarkable
shortcoming: The concept of security is taken for granted and the discussions of the last
decades in the field of International Security Studies are practically ignored. This lack of ...


Market Integration as the Goal of Competition Law: The EU Experience and Its Implications forChina

J Ma - … and Implications for Regulatory Reform in China, 2016
Abstract Administrative monopolies are one of the major obstacles for China to establish an
integrated and competitive domestic market. During the legislative process of the Anti-
Monopoly Law in China, the question of whether prohibiting administrative monopolies ...

The State of State Action in EU Competition Law (Post-Greek Lignite) and a National Competition Strategy for China

M Marquis - … and Implications for Regulatory Reform in China, 2016
Abstract Does a special responsibility not to impair competition constrain the actions of the
State? Is the State bound by specific competition law obligations where its administrative or
legislative interventions create a legal monopoly? This chapter argues that, with regard to ...

International trade in textiles: China and EU-15

P Gimeno, M Pilar - 2016
Resum: In recent years, the trade between China and the European Union has gained in
significance because of the globalisation. The textile sector has assumed greater
importance in the trade of these economic powers due to...[+]

EU China News

Latest news about China and the European Union.The EU-China Strategic Partnership, which is based on the 1985 EU China trade and cooperation agreement, has grown to include foreign affairs, security matters and international challenges such as climate change and global economy governance. The EU and China are world players. The EU is China’s biggest trading partner, while China is the EU’s largest source of imports and 2nd largest two way trading partner. The trade and investment relationship is a major source of wealth, jobs, development and innovation for both sides.

EU increases sanctions against North Korea 04-03-2016
EU to study further N.Korea measures after UN sanctions 02-03-2016
China's industrial overcapacity damaging global economy: study 22-02-2016
EU hits China with new steel anti-dumping probes 12-02-2016
Georgia to build $2.5 bn Black Sea port on China's Silk Road 08-02-2016

China Ideas Community

The China Ideas Community allows users to post comments and articles on issues covered by the Understanding China programme. Forum users can react to and rate other people’s posts, and receive email alerts on contributions in which they are active. The China Ideas Community also offers an opportunity for users to share their research on China and related issues.

Community Contributions


[HTML] Governing climate change adaptation in the EU and China: an analysis of formal institutions

M Gemmer, A Wilkes, LM Vaucel - Advances in Climate Change Research, 2011 - Elsevier
Abstract Both the European Union (EU) and China are culturally, economically,
climatologically and environmentally diverse polities. The EU is a multi-state grouping of
economically developed democratic countries, while China is a unitary sovereign state ...

[PDF] … challenges and institutional barriers in the use of experimental method for the evaluation of business incubators: Lessons from the US, EU and China

J Yu, P Nijkamp - Atlanta Conference on Science and Research Policy, 2009 - rri.wvu.edu
Abstract-Despite their worldwide adoption by policy makers as the Holy Grail for
entrepreneurship and business development, the effectiveness of business incubation
programs remain elusive, primarily plagued by untenable evaluation methods. This paper ...

[PDF] … Rohstoffdiplomatie und die Auswirkungen auf die EU-China-Beziehungen China'sEnergy and Raw Material Diplomacy and the Implications for the EU-China

F Umbach - China aktuell, 2007 - researchgate.net
Abstract The objective of this paper is to analyse China's energy and raw material diplomacy
in the context of recent global energy developments and the EU-China relationship. For
several years, the EU and its member states pay increasingly attention to China's energy ...

[LIVRE] The EU-China strategic partnership: Achievements and challenges

J Men - 2007 - researchgate.net
Summary This paper studies EU-China relations in the 21 st century in order to identify the
achievements of the two sides and the challenges they still face. The paper starts with a
historical review of bilateral relations and of the policy papers issued by both governments ...

The EU and China: mismatched partners?

J Men - Journal of Contemporary China, 2012 - Taylor & Francis
Why does the EUChina partnership encounter so many problems? What are the causes of
these problems? Can they be overcome? What kind of partners are the EU and China? Can
the partnership be maintained despite the increasing problems? To answer these ...

Africa-China-EU cooperation in Africa: prospects and pitfalls

C Alden, E Sidiropoulos - 2009 - diva-portal.org
This is the fourth special issue on the EU Africa Partnership Strategy in the Policy Notes
series initiated by the NAI-research cluster on Globalization, Trade and Regional Integration.
The aim of these policy notes is to generate debate and discussions among policy makers ...

[LIVRE] Anti-dumping in the WTO, the EU, and China: The Rise of Legalization in the Trade Regime and Its Consequences

Y Luo - 2010 - books.google.com
In the summer of 2001, Peter Hessler, the long-time Beijing correspondent for the New
Yorker, acquired his Chinese driever's licence. For the next seven years he travelled the
country, tracking how the automobile and the improved transport system were ...

Regulation of liberal professions and competition policy: developments in the EU and China

NJ Philipsen - Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2010 - Oxford Univ Press
Abstract The regulation of professional services has been high on the political agenda for
years now in Europe. This paper points out the methods of working and the strategies used
by the European Commission (Directorate General for Competition) and various national ...


Y CUI, L ZHANG - Modern Preventive Medicine, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
[Objective] To further perfect the standards for uses of food additives in China.[Methods]
Compared and analyzed the differences in standards for uses of food additives between EU
and China from the definition, functional categories, coding, serviceable range, dose limits ...

The emergence of China as a leading nation in science

P Zhou, L Leydesdorff - Research policy, 2006 - Elsevier
... China, France, FRG, Japan, Korea, UK, USA, EU-15, EU-25. 1993, 1.69, 5.98, 7.45, 8.49,
0.48, 8.89, 34.73, 33.78, 35.04. ... Since then, EU countries, China, Japan, and South Korea,
etc., have all adopted nanotechnology as an S&T policy priority. ...

WEEE recovery strategies and the WEEE treatment status in China

W He, G Li, X Ma, H Wang, J Huang, M Xu… - Journal of hazardous …, 2006 - Elsevier
... achieve this objective, it is significant to recycle WEEE sufficiently to comply with regulations
regarding WEEE management, and to implement green design and cleaner production concepts
within the electronics industry to comply with the upcoming EU and China legislation in ...

[PDF] The EU and China: Time for a change?

K Brown, S Crossick - Asia Programme Paper, 2009 - kms1.isn.ethz.ch
SUMMARY• EU-China relations have been severely strained over the past few years. The
EU and China are both searching for mutual understanding and the scope for misperception
remains high. In the context of the forthcoming EU-China Summit (to be held in Nanjing on ...

On EU Regulations about Genetic Modified Foods and its Reference to China [J]

S Xi-xiang - Journal of Shanghai University (Social Sciences …, 2008 - en.cnki.com.cn
Genetic Modified biotechnology has developed rapidly since 1980s. There has long been a
dispute of the security of the Genetic Modified agricultural products and foods among the
international community, especially between two big interest groups US and EU. At ...

Comparison of approval biomedicines among USA, EU and China

X Hu, H Chen, Z Tang, Q Ma - Journal of Chinese biotechnology, 2004 - europepmc.org
The approval biomedicines in USA, EU and China were summarized by these criteria:(1)
regarded as one drug if some biomedicines have the same amino acid sequence and were
produced by the same expression system;(2) regarded as different products if produced ...

Comparison of Approval Biomedicines among USA, EU and China [J]

HUXC Hui-peng, TZMA Qing-jun - Progress In Biotechnology, 2005 - en.cnki.com.cn
The approval biomedicines in USA, EU and China were summarized by these criteria:(1)
regarded as one drug if some biomedicines have the same amino acid sequence and were
produced by the same expression system;(2) regarded as different products if produced ...

Embracing the dragon: can the EU and China be friends?

K Barysch - CESifo Forum, 2005 - search.proquest.com
Abstract Relations between the EU and China will become a much more prominent feature
of the international landscape in coming years. Two trends underpin this prediction. First,
China is manifestly becoming more central to European interests, and vice versa. Already, ...

'How Do I Choose Thee? Let me Count the Ways': A Textual Analysis of Similarities and Differences in Modes of Decision‐making in China and the United States

EU Weber, DR Ames, AR Blais - … and Organization Review, 2005 - Wiley Online Library
abstract This paper investigates the effect of decision-makers' culture on their implicit choice
of how to make decisions. In a content analysis of major decisions described in American
and Chinese twentieth-century novels, we test a series of hypotheses based on prior ...

EU economic relations with China: an institutionalist perspective

F Algieri - The China Quarterly, 2002 - Cambridge Univ Press
Looking at the history of European-Chinese relations, there have been times of
rapprochement and co-operation but also of tension and conflict. Both China and the
European Union (EU) have gained specific profile as international actors over the last two ...

Combustion synthesis and photoluminescence of nanocrystalline Y 2 O 3: Eu phosphors

T Ye, Z Guiwen, Z Weiping, X Shangda - Materials Research Bulletin, 1997 - Elsevier
... b Department of Physics University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230026,
China. Received 14 August 1996, Accepted 15 October 1996, Available online 6 April 2000
Refereed. Abstract. Nanoscale Y 2 O 3 :Eu phosphors have been prepared by glycine ...

[HTML] Exploring practice characteristics and research priorities of practitioners of traditional acupuncture in China and the EU—a survey

N Robinson, A Lorenc, W Ding, J Jia, M Bovey… - Journal of …, 2012 - Elsevier
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Acupuncture practice is based on the
theoretical, historical and philosophical principles, which are part of Chinese medicine.
Traditional acupuncture practitioners assess their patients' conditions using Chinese ...

[PDF] Comparative study of SEA experiences between EU and China: the use of indicators

J Gao, L Kørnøv, P Christensen - EASY-ECO Conference on Sustainable …, 2010 - vbn.aau.dk
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) can be a useful tool in the pursuit of achieving
sustainable development. It is used to assess the environmental consequences of proposed
policies, plans and programmes (PPP) and also ensures that environmental knowledge is ...

[PDF] EU-China Cooperation in the Field of Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Á Szunomár - Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian …, 2011 - old.vki.hu
The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is now a dominant actor of the world economy, global
security and politics, and has begun to consciously influence the international order. But is
China prepared enough in all areas? While it can provide adequate answers to many ...

the elusive axis: assessing the eUchina strategic partnership

J Holslag - JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract This article evaluates whether the Sino–European partnership can be considered
strategic. At the discourse level it is found that both sides fail to identify common interests,
joint priorities continue to be concentrated in the business sector, and China and Europe ...

China and the EU: a strategic axis for the twenty-first century?

D Scott - International relations, 2007 - ire.sagepub.com
Abstract The EUChina relationship is now emerging as a significant feature of the
international system. The EU's institutional consolidation, development of supranational
trade power and the foreign policy openings of the Common Foreign and Security Policy ( ...

[LIVRE] The evolution of the EU-China relationship: from constructive engagement to strategic partnership

N Casarini - 2006 - infoeuropa.eurocid.pt
This study traces the evolution of EU-China relations over the past three decades. Following
a brief account of the history of the EU-China relationship in the first section, the second
section focuses on the economic dimension of the relationship. It examines the growing ...

[PDF] The EU and China: Time for a strategic renewal?

B Lee - Hot Issues, Cold Shoulders, Lukewarm Partners: EU …, 2012 - chathamhouse.org
Five years ago, this author and others (Lee et al. 2007) made the case for closer cooperation
on energy and climate security between Europe and China, exploring opportunities in trade,
investment and technological cooperation, based on the following rationale:

Geoeconomic relations between the EU and China: the lessons from the EU weapon embargo and from Galileo

TG Grosse - Geopolitics, 2014 - Taylor & Francis
The merging of geopolitical and economic goals, known as geoeconomics, is becoming
more and more frequently an important factor of state policies in the age of globalisation and
the changing international order. The article offers an analysis of the EU-China relations ...

Economic Relations between the EU and China: Evolution of an Exclusive Partnership?

W Klenner - China: An International Journal, 2005 - World Scientific
In order to improve national welfare, China in the 1950s joined the “socialist camp”. It tried to
rely on its own resources and management concepts in the 1960s and 1970s, and finally
began to integrate into the market-led world economy in the 1980s. The last development ...

EU-China Relations on Human Rights in Competing Paradigms: Continuity and Change

W Shen - The Palgrave Handbook of EU-Asia Relations, 2013 - books.google.com
Abstract In contemporary political and academic debates, the EU is often seen as a new or
emerging foreign policy actor driven by normative principles, including human rights. On the
other hand, China, which stands for a normative system in its own right, has mounted a ...

The potential EU-China BIT: issues and implications

W Shan, S Zhang - EU and Investment Agreements: Open …, 2012 - papers.ssrn.com
Abstract: This article attempts to discuss the issues and implications of the potential bilateral
investment treaty between the EU and China, the negotiation of which was recently
launched. After briefly exploring the current legal framework governing mutual investment ...

Rules of Origin from EU and NAFTA: a Practice Reference for China [J]

Z Fang-wen - Journal of International Trade, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
With the intensive trade of semi-finished products under globaliza-tion, the origin of the final
products thus became difficult to identify. Preferential rules-of-origin (ROO) came to an
important trade tool when China entered into more free trade agreements with other areas ...

Policy Paper

EU China's - … of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, 2003 - JSTOR
Foreword The international situation has been undergoing profound changes since the
advent of the new century. The trend towards world multipolarity and economic globalisation
is developing amid twists and turns. Peace and development remain the themes of our era ...

[PDF] The Limits of EU as a Strategic Actor: the Case of Ending EU's Arms Embargo on China

C Zhimin - Current Situation and Future Prospects of Asia-Europe …, 2007 - researchgate.net
Abstract: Since the launching of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) in 1993,
the European Union has established itself as influential actor in international politics. Yet,
EU is still an incomplete strategic actor, in terms of its internal capacity to pursuer a full- ...

Fluorescence intensity and color purity improvement in nanosized YBO3: Eu

Z Wei, L Sun, C Liao, C Yan, S Huang - Applied physics letters, 2002 - adsabs.harvard.edu
Title: Fluorescence intensity and color purity improvement in nanosized YBO 3 :Eu. ... of Rare Earth
Materials Chemistry and Applications, PKU-HKU Joint Laboratory on Rare Earth Materials and
Bioinorganic Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China), AB(State Key ...

Review of nanofluids for heat transfer applications

D Wen, G Lin, S Vafaei, K Zhang - Particuology, 2009 - Elsevier
... Fig. 2 shows the rapid growth of nanofluids research in recent years, including US,
EU, and China, and more recently, India and South Korea. The potential market
for nanofluids for heat transfer applications is estimated to be ...

What folklore tells us about risk and risk taking: Cross-cultural comparisons of American, German, and Chinese proverbs

EU Weber, CK Hsee, J Sokolowska - Organizational behavior and human …, 1998 - Elsevier
... F. Gaenslen; Culture and decision making in China, Japan, Russia, and the United States.
World Politics, 39 (1986), pp. 87–103. 5; G. Hofstede; Culture's consequencesSage,
Beverly Hills (1980). 6; CK Hsee, EU Weber; A fundamental ...

[PDF] Competing Models of Peacekeeping: the role of the EU and China in Africa

D Sicurelli - Fifth Pan-European Conference on EU Politics in Porto, 2010 - Citeseer
The European Union (EU) is the most relevant partner of the UN and of African regional
organizations in peacekeeping operations in the African continent. Since 2003, it has carried
out Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFPS) operations in the Democratic Republic ...

[PDF] The EU-China Trading-Economic Relationship is not a Zero-Sum Game

M Lorca-Susino - European Union Miami Analysis (EUMA), 2006 - core.ac.uk
The European Union (EU) presented on Tuesday, October 24th, 2006,“EU-China: Closer
partners, growing responsibilities” 1 which establishes the bases for a new, extended
partnership and cooperation agreement with Beijing. This new agreement is necessary ...

[LIVRE] Ende des EU-Waffenembargos gegen China?

G Wacker - 2004 - mercury.ethz.ch
(Allgemeine Angelegenheiten und Au≈ enbeziehungen) verwiesen. Das Europ ische
Parlament sprach sich am 18. Dezember in einer Resolution unter Verweis auf die
Menschenrechtsverletzungen in China und die Spannungen in der Taiwan-Stra≈ e ...

Perspective of electronic waste management in China based on a legislation comparison between China and the EU

X Zeng, J Li, ALN Stevels, L Liu - Journal of Cleaner Production, 2013 - Elsevier
Illegal management of electronic product (e-product) from cradle to grave poses a huge
threat to human and the environment, and the significant increases of electronic waste (e-
waste) have violated the targets of previous regulations. To tackle these threats, a number ...

Laws of the People's Republic of China: An Introduction for International Investors, The

EJ Chua - Chi. J. Int'l L., 2006 - HeinOnline
China's growth is well documented. Much of this growth has been fueled by seemingly
unceasing investment from the developed world, particularly the United States and Western
European nations. As a practitioner based in China and advising foreign investors, I have ...

Monodisperse spherical core-shell-structured phosphors obtained by functionalization of silica spheres with Y2O3: Eu3+ layers for field emission displays

H Wang, CK Lin, XM Liu, J Lin, M Yu - Applied Physics Letters, 2005 - adsabs.harvard.edu
... spherical core-shell-structured phosphors obtained by functionalization of silica spheres with
Y 2 O 3 :Eu 3+ layers for ... Chemistry and Physics, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun 130022, People's Republic of China; College of ...

Structural transformation induced improved luminescent properties for LaVO4: Eunanocrystals

CJ Jia, LD Sun, F Luo, XC Jiang, LH Wei… - Applied physics …, 2004 - adsabs.harvard.edu
Title: Structural transformation induced improved luminescent properties for LaVO 4 :Eu
nanocrystals. ... Materials Chemistry and Applications, PKU-HKU Joint Laboratory in Rare Earth
Materials and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China), AB(State Key ...

Partnership or rivalry between the EU, china and india in Central Asia: The normative power of regional actors with global aspirations

E Kavalski - European Law Journal, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract: This analysis undertakes a preliminary conceptual assessment of the international
agency of the EU, India and China in Central Asia. The contention is that the strategies
advanced by Brussels, New Delhi and Beijing in the region reflect not only their desire to ...

European trade diplomacy and the politics of global development: Reflections on theEUChina 'Bra Wars' dispute

T Heron - Government and opposition, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
6. CONCLUSION The article analyses the so-called 'bra wars' trade dispute that took place
between the EU and China in 2005. This dispute raised a number of important questions
linked, not only to the textiles and clothing (T&C) trade regime, but to the broader conduct ...

Industry responses to EU WEEE and ROHS Directives: Perspectives from China

J Yu, R Welford, P Hills - Corporate Social Responsibility and …, 2006 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract The electrical and electronics (EE) industry has come under increasing pressure to
adopt extended producer responsibility (EPR) policies through the introduction of the
European Union's Directives on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and ...

EU-US-China: Cooperation in the Malacca Straits

H Gilmartin - 2008 - edoc.vifapol.de
Abstract The Malacca and Singapore Straits are one of the most important maritime
chokepoints in the world, linking the dynamic economies in East Asia with the Middle East
and Europe. A disruption in the area would devastate trade and destabilize regional ...

A Dragon in Cheap Clothing: What Lessons can be Learned from the EUChina Textile Dispute?

A Comino - European Law Journal, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract: This article deals with the textile dispute that occurred between the EU and China
in summer 2005. The dispute is analysed in the context of the expiry of the Multi-Fibre
Agreement (MFA), China's accession to the World Trade Organisation and the resulting ...

[LIVRE] Global agricultural supply and demand: factors contributing to the recent increase in food commodity prices

R Trostle - 2008 - growthforce.orgwww.growthenergy. …
... 1990 1995 2000 2005 0 30 60 90 120 150 FSU & OE2 East Asia Latin America Mexico Africa
& Middle East China & HK EU−271 Other Figure 10 Global soybean imports Million metric tons
Source: USDA Agricultural Projections to 2017. 1Includes Mexico. ...

[PDF] EU-China Relations

G Geeraerts, P Murray - The Palgrave Handbook of EU-Asia …, 2013 - researchgate.net
Abstract Since 2003 the EU and China acknowledge each other as strategic partners, but as
it stands they have failed to add a genuine strategic dimension to their relationship. While
the potential for a strategic partnership is certainly at hand, the EU-China relationship is ...

Will China Eat Our Lunch or Take Us Out to Dinner? Simulating the Transition Paths of the US, EU, Japan, and China

H Fehr, S Jokisch, LJ Kotlikoff - 2005 - nber.org
ABSTRACT This paper develops a dynamic, life-cycle, general equilibrium model to study
the interdependent demographic, fiscal, and economic transition paths of China, Japan, the
US, and the EU. Each of these countries/regions is entering a period of rapid and ...

The EU as a global actor: grand strategy for a global grand bargain?

J Howorth - JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... This approach is in line with the EU's ambition to persuade China to join the liberal international
order without making any real concessions to Chinese distinctiveness. But Chinese political
scientists have suggested that those attempts are doomed to fail (Men, 2009). ...

[PDF] World shares of publications of the USA, EU-27, and China compared and predicted using the new Web of Science interface versus Scopus

L Leydesdorff - El profesional de la información, 2012 - Citeseer
Abstract The new interface of the Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) enables users to
retrieve sets larger than 100,000 documents in a single search. This makes it possible to
compare publication trends for China, the USA, EU-27, and smaller countries with the data ...

[PDF] The EU and China in Africa: the case of Kenya

D Fiott - Madariaga Paper, 2010 - atlantic-community.org
Proclamations such as the “New Scramble for Africa” have become synonymous with
China's growing political and economic presence in Africa. 1 Greater Chinese involvement
on the continent has alarmed many in Europe and the United States, best characterised ...

Remarkable differences in photoluminescent properties between LaPO4: Eu one-dimensional nanowires and zero-dimensional nanoparticles

H Song, L Yu, S Lu, T Wang, Z Liu… - Applied Physics …, 2004 - adsabs.harvard.edu
Title: Remarkable differences in photoluminescent properties between LaPO 4 :Eu
one-dimensional nanowires and zero-dimensional nanoparticles. ... Optics, Fine Mechanics and
Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun 130033, People's Republic of China), AB( ...

[PDF] The EU and China: The Logics of 'Strategic Partnership

M Smith, H Xie - ECPR Standing Group on the EU Conference, 2010 - jhubc.it
ABSTRACT This paper argues that three key logics drive the EU's search for a 'strategic
partnership'with China. The first part develops an argument about the logics of 'strategic
partnerships' in EU external policy. The second part explores the development of EU ...

Technology transfer to China: a study of strategy in 20 EU industrial companies

D Bennett, X Liu, D Parker… - International Journal …, 2001 - inderscienceonline.com
Foreign direct investment has been important in China's economic development since the
early 1980s. In recent years, the volume of inward FDI into China, according to some
estimates, has been second only to that into the USA. The Chinese government has ...

Size dependence of luminescent properties for hexagonal YBO3: Eu nanocrystals in the vacuum ultraviolet region

ZG Wei, LD Sun, CS Liao, XC Jiang… - Journal of applied …, 2003 - adsabs.harvard.edu
Title: Size dependence of luminescent properties for hexagonal YBO 3 :Eu nanocrystals in the
vacuum ultraviolet region. ... PKU-HKU Joint Laboratory on Rare Earth Materials and Bioinorganic
Chemistry, College of Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China), AB(State ...

Five Years of China WTO Membership: EU and US Perspectives About China's Compliance With Transparency Commitments and the Transitional Review Mechanism

PD Farah - Legal Issues of Economic Integration, Kluwer Law …, 2006 - papers.ssrn.com
Abstract: China's accession to the WTO represents a goal achieved after nearly fifteen years
of exhausting negotiations. However, many legal, political and social problems have not yet
been tackled in terms of achieving real implementation of WTO provisions throughout the ...

EU technology transfer to China: the automotive industry as a case study

W Zhang, R Taylor - Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 2001 - Taylor & Francis
Since the inception of the open-door economic reform under Deng Xiaoping's initiative in
1978, the Chinese economy has in the past twenty years grown at an average annual rate of
9.4 per cent. China's path mirrors in many respects the experiences of Japan and South ...

Managing the conceptual gap on sovereignty in ChinaEU relations

Z Pan - Asia Europe Journal, 2010 - Springer
Abstract While, historically, sovereignty is what Europeans invented and what the Chinese
were forced to accept, today it is what Europeans try to bury and what the Chinese hold
dear. A conceptual gap on sovereignty clearly exists between China and Europe which ...

Study on the Widening Deficit of EU in Trade with China

CZYU Xiang - International Trade Journal, 2005 - en.cnki.com.cn
With the greatly increasing of bilateral trade between EU and China, the widening deficit of
EU has become a real problem. This paper discovers the causes after the analysis on the
statistical data from WTO, EU and China. The conclusion is that the economic policies of ...

SWOT Analysis on Export Trade of Aquatic Products to the EU in China [J]

LI Xiaona, BAO Teligenbaiyi - Fisheries Economy Research, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
This assay uses SWOT analysis to analyze the advantages and disadvantages, the external
opportunities and threats that will face the export trade of aquatic products to the EU in
China. The result showed that although the aquatic products export receives influences ...

China-EU convergence 1957–2003: towards a 'strategic partnership'

D Scott - Asia Europe Journal, 2007 - Springer
Abstract This article looks at how the 'strategic partnership'announced in 2003 between the
People's Republic of China and the European Union came to be. Strategic geopolitical
balancing and containment towards other third parties have been prominent features of ...

Diploidy, polyploidy, and winter hardiness relationships in the flowering plants

WM Bowden - American Journal of Botany, 1940 - JSTOR
... n = 14, Asana, 1934. nh? Hook. = A. jac- quemontii Blume. ASCLEPIADACEAE 3000-35
Peripioca graeca L. Boyce Thompson Arbo- s. Eu., w. Asia 11 .. n -12, Pardi, 1933a. fh retum.
Periploca sep i i m N. China. .. .. n = 11, K. Sax and h. Bge. Husted, 1936. ...

The EU–India–China Strategic Partnership and the Impact of Regional Constructs

T Kivimäki, J Jokela, B Gaens, ST Machen… - … Union in Asia: China …, 2009 - toc.nkp.cz
Page 1. 1 The EU-Tndia-China Strategic Partnership and the Impact of Regional
Constructs Timo Kivimäki 2 The ... Machen 5 Thinking Clearly on Political Strategy: The
Formulation of a Common EU Policy Toward China Mikael Mattlin 6 ...

[PDF] The EU-China Relationship: A Key to the 21 st Century Order

A Pastor, D Gosset - reason, 2005 - realinstitutoelcano.org
Summary: For the EU, China's opening up to the world is a test. Brussels is in the process of
conceiving an ambitious and comprehensive foreign policy towards Beijing but, for both
internal and external reasons (a lack of general European cohesiveness and the influence ...

The recycling and disposal of electrical and electronic waste in China—legislative and market responses

C Hicks, R Dietmar, M Eugster - Environmental impact assessment review, 2005 - Elsevier
... Major impact of EU directives on China's exports. http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/english/doc/2004-
10/12/content_382231.htm [access date: October 24th, 2004]. ... Guo Dongmei, Wu Yuping, Yu Hai,
Ge Wei (Eds.), The impact of EU environmental requirements on China (Draft). ...

Financial reforms and corporate governance in China

D Eu - Colum. J. Transnat'l L., 1996 - HeinOnline
The overriding objective of economic reforms in China has been to improve the efficiency of
investments. While much of the earlier economic literature stressed the importance of capital
accumulation and macro-economic coordination in promoting economic development, ...

[PDF] Potential output in a rapidly developing economy: The case of China in comparison with the US and EU

J Zheng, A Hu, A Bigsten - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis …, 2009 - researchgate.net
Abstract We use the growth accounting framework to examine the potential growth of the
rapidly developing Chinese economy in comparison with the US and EU. We first compare
our estimates of potential output growth in China with official statistics. Our findings seem ...

EU-China relations: balancing political challenges with economic opportunities

CM Glen, RC Murgo - Asia Europe Journal, 2007 - Springer
Abstract During 2005, the European Union and China marked 30 years of diplomatic
relations with much fanfare. Celebrations surrounding the anniversary however belied the
fact that throughout most of this period the European Union and China remained largely ...

End-of-life vehicle recovery in China: consideration and innovation following the EU ELV directive

M Chen, F Zhang - JOM, 2009 - Springer
Abstract Implementation of the EU's end-of-life vehicle (ELV) directive eight years ago had a
profound influence on China's automotive industry, leading to the consideration of concepts
such as extended producer responsibility. It also provided some impetus for ELV recycling ...

[LIVRE] EU foreign policy in a globalized world: normative power and social preferences

Z Laïdi - 2008 - books.google.com
... 1997–2007 6.2 Voting coincidence in General Assembly, in cases of EU consensus, 1997–2007
6.3 EU splits on General Assembly human rights votes, and voting coincidence with EU consensus
positions, 1997–2007 6.4 Voting coincidence with China, EU, India, Russia and ...

EUChina and EU–India: A Tale of Two Strategic Partnerships

G Sachdeva - Strategic Analysis, 2014 - Taylor & Francis
China was over within a few years while cooperation on truly strategic issues with India is
yet to emerge. The core of both these relationships is still economics. While China has taken
full advantage of the EU's institutional mechanism through more than 56 sectoral ...

[PDF] The China-EU Strategic Partnership on development: unfulfilled potential

S Grimm - ESP, 2014 - ds80-237-152-15.dedicated. …
China's increasing engagement in development cooperation is part of a broader
international trend. The share of development cooperation provided by non-Organisation for
Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries has almost doubled from 5 ...

Biotechnology boosts to crop productivity in China: trade and welfare implications

J Huang, R Hu, H van Meijl, F van Tongeren - Journal of Development …, 2004 - Elsevier
... et al., 2001). This reflects the influence of the global debate about GM crops on
Chinese policy makers, in particular restrictions on imports to EU countries. China
also appears to take a more cautious stance. For example, in ...

Reviewing the EU arms embargo on China: the Clash between value and rationale in the European security strategy

J Kreutz - Perspectives, 2004 - JSTOR
It has been noted, though, that these missions had one common denomina tor, namely that
they were in many ways seen as responses to requests from other international bodies
(Keane, 2004). It has however been argued, not least in the ESS itself, that the EU needs ...

[LIVRE] Understanding EU-China relations: An uncertain partnership in the making

X Dai - 2006 - hull.ac.uk
Abstract After three decades of evolution, EU-China relations reached a new milestone: the
EU became China's largest trading partner while China became the EU's second biggest
trading partner by March 2004. Although much has already been said about the growing ...

International perspective on government nanotechnology funding in 2005

MC Roco - Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 2005 - Springer
... 1). Six major contributors to nanotechnology R&D are listed in Table 2. The specific
nanotechnology R&D per capita in 2004 is the highest in Japan ($7.1/capita), followed by Korea
($6.1/capita), Taiwan ($4.7/capita), US ($3.4/capita), EU ($2.1/capita) and China ($0.2/ capita). ...

Cross-national differences in risk preference and lay predictions

CK Hsee, EU Weber - Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 1999 - papers.ssrn.com
... are pervasive in both the USA and China. If people base their predictions on stereotypes, then
both nationals would predict Americans to be more risk- seeking. Copyright # 1999 John Wiley
& Sons, Ltd. J. Behav. Dec. Making, 12: 165±179 (1999) CK Hsee and EU Weber ...

[PDF] China? EU: a new agenda

E Reuter - Asia Europe Journal, 2007 - members.ziggo.nl
On 27th November 2006, Presidents Hu Jintao and George W. Bush had a telephone
conversation. Hu had just returned from visits to India and Pakistan following the APEC
summit in Hanoi a week before where the two Presidents had also met for bilateral talks. ...

[PDF] Lifting the EU arms embargo on China: symbols and strategy

P Vennesson - Institute of European and American Studies, 2007 - ea.sinica.edu.tw
Abstract From October 2003 to March 2005, the prospect of lifting the European Union's (EU)
arms embargo on China grew into a diplomatic crisis, and the focus of an intense bargaining
between China, the EU, the EU member states, the US, Taiwan and Japan. However, the ...

[PDF] Security and development approaches to Central Asia. The EU compared to China and Russia

S Peyrouse, J Boonstra, M Laruelle - 2012 - avrasya.istanbul.edu.tr
Abstract China and Russia are the most influential external actors in Central Asia, while the
EU has substantially increased its activity and presence in the region since 2007. The
security and development interests of these three actors are sometimes at odds but can ...

Enhancement of magnetization in Eu doped BiFeO3 nanoparticles

J Liu, L Fang, F Zheng, S Ju, M Shen - Applied Physics Letters, 2009 - adsabs.harvard.edu
... in Eu doped BiFeO3 nanoparticles. Authors: Liu, Jian; Fang, Liang; Zheng, Fengang; Ju, Sheng;
Shen, Mingrong. Affiliation: AA(Department of Physics and Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Thin Films,
Soochow University, Suzhou 215006, People's Republic of China), AB(Department ...

Beyond European Conditionality and Chinese Non-Interference: Articulating the EU-China-Africa Trilateral Relations

CH Wu - China, EU and the Restructuring of Global Governance …, 2012 - papers.ssrn.com
Abstract: In 2006, China published its first White Paper on African policy. This signaled
China's ambition to play a greater role in Africa, with influence based on its great volume of
foreign aid to African countries and extensive trade and investment activities. The ...

The emerging ChinaEU space partnership: a geotechnological balancer

J Johnson-Freese, AS Erickson - Space policy, 2006 - Elsevier
Through a techno-nationalist lens, this paper will assess the growing China–European
Union (EU) space partnership, and its implications for international space cooperation and
competition. Techno-nationalism (jishu minzuzhuyi), the idea that technological strength is ...

Clash of identities why China and the EU are inharmonious in global governance

W Yiwei - UNISCI Discussion Papers, 2010 - search.proquest.com
Abstract China and the EU should not be inharmonious in global governance if both sides
grasp the true essence of the relations and our times. This paper argues that the real reason
for China-EU disharmony is the clash of identities. China is trying to keep balance among ...

An EU common strategy for China?

L Xiang - The International Spectator, 2001 - Taylor & Francis
In June 1999, the European Union summit at Cologne adopted a" Common Strategy for
Russia". Thus the new instrument of European Union {EU) common foreign and security
policy (CFSP) provided for by Article 13 of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the common strategy, ...

Color-tunable white-light emitting BaMg_2Al_6Si_9O_ (30): Eu~(2+), Tb~(3+), Mn~(2+) phosphors via energy transfer

J ZHANG, L Wei, Z HAO, X ZHANG, Y LUO - Chinese Optics, 2012 - en.cnki.com.cn
... 1, LI PanLai, YANG ZhiPing, WANG ZhiJun, GUO QingLin & LI XuCollege of Physics Science
and Technology, Hebei University, Baoding 071002, China;Preparation and luminescence
characteristics of Sr_3SiO_5:Eu~(2+) phosphor for white LED[J];科学通报(英文版);2008-07. ...

A comparative study of airport connectivity in China, Europe and US: Which network provides the best service to passengers?

S Paleari, R Redondi, P Malighetti - Transportation Research Part E: …, 2010 - Elsevier
... The airport networks of the US, the EU and China. The dark lines are drawn for ...
The airport networks of the US, the EU and China. The dark lines are drawn for ...
Fig. 1. The airport networks of the US, the EU and China. ...

The impact of China on sub-Saharan Africa

R Kaplinsky, D McCormick, M Morris - 2007 - opendocs.ids.ac.uk
... historical links with the EU and North America, cemented by various preferential trading
agreements. Another pressure is to strengthen links with other SSA economies, particularly in
southern Africa. A third pressure is to enhance links with Asia in general, and China in particular ...

EU antidumping cases against China: An overview and future prospects with respect toChina's WTO membership

X Liu, H Vandenbussche - 2002 - econstor.eu
Zusammenfassung: Since 1979, when the first antidumping case against China was initiated
by the European Union, the EU has lodged nearly 90 antidumping proceedings against
China by the end of 2000. China by now, has become the country most accused of ...

The EU, the US and China: strategic engagement, political commitment and diplomatic interaction in multilateral arenas

M Smith - The EU, the US and China _ Towards a New …, 2014 - books.google.com
This chapter sets out to delineate and to explore a puzzle arising from the mutual
engagement of the EU, the US and China in a range of multilateral arenas. The puzzle is
this: that the three parties are increasingly engaged with groupings such as the G20, but ...

Trade interdependence, comparative advantage and FDI between China and EU

Y Li - International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, 2008 - inderscienceonline.com
The objective of this paper is to examine the connection between international trade and
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), by assessing some salient features of China and EU's
market structures and their current patterns of the revealed comparative advantage, and ...

Socio-cultural aspects of the relationship between the EU and East Asia, with particular reference to China

S Golden - Asia Europe Journal, 2006 - Springer
Abstract This paper presents a comparative study about words and about sovereignty; about
the ancestry of the words that construct the discourse of sovereignty in the context of China;
about the analysis and interpretation of the civic discourse and the rhetoric that construct ...

Genomic analysis of PCV2 isolates from Danish archives and a current PMWS case–control study supports a shift in genotypes with time

K Dupont, EO Nielsen, P Baekbo, LE Larsen - Veterinary microbiology, 2008 - Elsevier
Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) is the primary cause of Postweaning Multisystemic Wasting
Syndrome (PMWS) in pigs. PCV2, however, is found in both PMWS-affecte.

Optical particle trapping with computer-generated holograms written on a liquid-crystal display

M Reicherter, T Haist, EU Wagemann, HJ Tiziani - Optics letters, 1999 - osapublishing.org
... Optical particle trapping with computer-generated holograms written on a
liquid-crystal display. M. Reicherter, T. Haist, EU Wagemann, and HJ Tiziani. Author
Affiliations M. Reicherter, T. Haist, EU Wagemann, and HJ Tiziani. ...

[HTML] Assessment of Central Asia's oil and gas reserves and their budding sales markets (theEU and China)

R Makhmudov - Central Asia and the Caucasus, 2011 - cyberleninka.ru
In recent years, significant funds have been invested in creating and improving new sources
of energy (wind and solar energy, the production of bio fuel, and so on), however most
experts admit that there is still no alternative to oil and natural gas. Moreover, the ...


ZTSQW Shubin - CHINESE JOURNAL OF LUMINESCENCE, 1999 - en.cnki.com.cn
... 2005-01. 7, Guo Qingjie,Xu Mingxia,Cao Peiling (Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072,
China);Progress on Eu~(2+)—Activated Alkaline Earth Aluminates Long Afterglow
Phosphors[J];Rare Metal Materials and Engineering;2004-03. ...

Improved performance of electroluminescent devices based on an europium complex

CJ Liang, D Zhao, ZR Hong, DX Zhao… - Applied Physics …, 2000 - adsabs.harvard.edu
... of China), AH(Laboratory of Excited State Processes, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun,
People's Republic of China), AI(Department ... Electroluminescent (EL) devices using an europium
complex Eu(DBM) 3 bath as the electron-transport emitting layer were fabricated. ...

Can unilateral trade measures significantly reduce leakage and competitiveness pressures onEU-ETS-constrained industries? The case of China export taxes and …

T Voituriez, X Wang - 2009 - papers.ssrn.com
Abstract: The unilateral use of export restricting measures such as export taxes and VAT
refund by China on energy-intensive sectors has raised both hopes and concerns over the
last couple of years inside the EU. From a European perspective indeed, export restricting ...

China and India: Implications for the EU economy

D Gros - CEPS Working Documents, 2008 - papers.ssrn.com
Abstract: This paper provides background information on the likely challenges the rise of
China and India will pose for the economy of the EU. The purpose is mainly descriptive,
namely to spell out what kind of trading partner China and India will represent for the EU ...

The roles of Eu 2+ and Dy 3+ in the blue long-lasting phosphor Sr 2 MgSi 2 O 7: Eu 2+, Dy 3+

C Shi, Y Fu, B Liu, G Zhang, Y Chen, Z Qi, X Luo - Journal of luminescence, 2007 - Elsevier
... 2. Experimental. The samples used for the experiments, including undoped, Eu 2+ or
Dy 3+ singly doped and Eu 2+ , Dy 3+ doubly doped, were synthesized by solid-state
reaction method. The sintering ... Lab. (NSRL), Hefei, China. The ...

Globalization of the Amazon soy and beef industries: opportunities for conservation

DC Nepstad, CM Stickler, OT Almeida - Conservation Biology, 2006 - Wiley Online Library
... 1), stimulating virtually all of Brazil's export industries. The number of Reals per dollar
fell in 2004 and 2005 to 2.45, partially reversing this trend. This is one of the factors
causing the decline in soy exports to the EU and China (Fig. 1). ...

Comparing normativity in foreign policy: China, India, the EU, the US and Russia

N Tocci, I Manners - Who Is a Normative Foreign Policy Actor?, 2008 - papers.ssrn.com
The conceptual framework presented in chapter 1 of this book to assess normativity in
foreign policy presumes that any international player can act in a variety of ways in different
foreign policy instances. In this final chapter we shall conclude by attempting the difficult ...

Moving up the quality ladder? EU-China dynamics in clothing

H Vandenbussche, F Di Comite, L Rovegno… - Journal of Economic …, 2013 - JSTOR
We apply a simple method to study the relative quality of Chinese versus European products
exported in the clothing sector after the end of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement. Based on the
model of Foster et al.,(2008), we interpret the change in relative export prices and ...

EUChina and the non-transparent race for inward FDI

L Oxelheim, P Ghauri - Journal of Asian Economics, 2008 - Elsevier
In this paper it is argued that the restructuring following the stiffer competition stemming from
increased global integration will trigger a race between countries to attract inward foreign
direct investment (FDI). It is further argued that this race consists of last minute efforts and ...

Global ethics and nanotechnology: A comparison of the nanoethics environments of the EUand China

S Dalton-Brown - NanoEthics, 2012 - Springer
Abstract The following article offers a brief overview of current nanotechnology policy,
regulation and ethics in Europe and The People's Republic of China with the intent of noting
(dis) similarities in approach, before focusing on the involvement of the public in science ...

Opportunities and limits of EU-China security cooperation

MB Stumbaum - The International Spectator, 2007 - Taylor & Francis
In its European Security Strategy, the European Union defined the People's Republic of
China (PRC) as a strategic partner and envisaged comprehensive cooperation with it,
including in the security sector. China and the EU often use the same terms, but the ...

China's engagement in Africa: Can the EU sit back?

B Berger - South African Journal of International Affairs, 2006 - Taylor & Francis
The European Union appears to have missed the opportunity for a timely redefinition of its
strategies towards a proactive China, particularly in terms of its engagement with Africa. The
article suggests that Europe needs to undertake a more thorough examination of China's ...

The 2000 EU water framework directive and Chinese water management: experiences and perspectives

W Ravesteijn, X Song… - WIT Transactions on …, 2009 - books.google.com
... Aspect EU China Objectives Good water status (surface and groundwater) Water conservation
and pollution prevention Scope of planning River basin planning, update river basin plan every
six years Combination of river basin planning and regional administrative planning ...

A taxonomy for selecting global supply chain strategies

M Christopher, H Peck, D Towill - The International Journal of …, 2006 - emeraldinsight.com
... per cent of all clothing imports. Amongst the major suppliers to the EU were China,
Turkey and Romania, each expanded their shipments to the EU by between 15
and 22 per cent in 2002. China also increased its imports to ...

Positive Analysis on Factors Influencing China-EU Intra-industry Specialization [J]

SLXIE Jian-guo - Journal of International Trade, 2008 - en.cnki.com.cn
This paper analyzes the intra-industry specialization in trade of manufactured products
between China and EU (EU15). Furthermore, a positive analysis is made to study the
determinants and their effects. Results show that trade of manufactured products between ...

Local structure and luminescence of nanocrystalline Y2O3: Eu

Z Qi, C Shi, W Zhang, W Zhang, T Hu - Applied physics letters, 2002 - scitation.aip.org
... of China, Hefei, Anhui 230029, People's Republic of China Tiandou Hu Institute of High Energy
Physics, Chinese Science Academy, Beijing 100039, People's Republic of China (Received
12 February 2002; accepted 19 August 2002) Nanosized Y2O3 :Eu was synthesized by ...

[PDF] What Role for the European Union in Asia? An Analysis of the EU's Asia Strategy and the Growing Significance of EU-China Relations

N Casarini - Current Politics and Economics of Asia, 2008 - profile.nus.edu.sg
ABSTRACT This article analyzes the main themes and initiatives that have characterized the
development of the Asia policy of the European Union (EU) in the post-Cold War period. It
argues that the current role and presence of the EU in Asia goes well beyond trade ...

[PDF] An EU-China trade dialogue: a new policy framework to contain deteriorating trade relations

I Dreyer, F Erixon - European Centre for International Political Economy, …, 2008 - ecipe.org
EU-China trade and economic relations have deteriorated. The rhetoric has become tougher
on both sides, and the EU has imported the culture of “China bashing” from US politics.
Increasingly hostile rhetoric and the danger of titfor-tat protectionism are reason enough to ...

[PDF] The EU and the BRICs

F Cameron - Policy paper, 2011 - dseu.lboro.ac.uk
... The EU is negotiating major new agreements with three of the BRICs – Russia, China and India. ...
There are no serious security discussions between the EU and China apart from discussions
on sanctions against Iran. China does not view the EU as a security actor in Asia. ...

Preparation and size effect on concentration quenching of nanocrystalline Y 2 SiO 5: Eu

W Zhang, P Xie, C Duan, K Yan, M Yin, L Lou… - Chemical physics …, 1998 - Elsevier
... and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, PR China; e Radiochimie, Institute de Physique
Nucleaire, BPN 0 . 1, 91406 Orsay, France. Received 12 December 1997, Revised 6 June 1998,
Available online 18 December 1998. Abstract. Nanocrystalline Y 2 SiO 5 :Eu was prepared ...

[DOC] The identity dilemmas of EU normative power: observations from Chinese traditional culture

Y Wang - Gerrits, André (ed.), 2009 - risingpowersglobalresponses.com
... As a result, China's understanding of the EU, like the EU's understanding of China, tends to be
largely defined by their respective self-perceptions. ... It would be much more productive if the EU
accepted China and the Chinese model of development as an alternative to its own. ...

[LIVRE] The EU, the WTO and China: legal pluralism and international trade regulation

F Snyder - 2010 - books.google.com
This book presents a new theoretical framework for understanding the regulation of
international trade. For this purpose, it analyses a series of integrated studies of relations
between the EU, the WTO and China. It consists of three main parts. Part I introduces the ...

Nanotechnology systems of innovation—An analysis of industry and academia research activities

K Miyazaki, N Islam - Technovation, 2007 - Elsevier
... To view a comparative dynamics, we compared EU, the US, Japan and China
(including Hong Kong) which are the most advanced players in nanotech (similar
studies done by Kumaresan and Miyazaki on robotics). Miyazaki ...

The Evolution of Trade Relationships between China and the EU since the 1980s

X Hu, D Watkins - European Business Review, 1999 - emeraldinsight.com
It is argued that the evolution of trade between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and
the European Union (EU) falls into three phases: limited contact; both sides seeking rapid
growth and becoming mutually dependent; and high mutual trade levels with political ...

Complementarity and Rivalry in EU? China Economic Relations in the Twenty-First Century

F NICOLAS - European foreign affairs review, 2007 - kluwerlawonline.com
Abstract Economic dynamism in the People? s Republic of China over the past two decades,
in contrast with sluggish growth in an enlarged European Union, makes the examination of
contemporary and future EU? China economic relations all the more relevant. This ...

Foodstuffs and medicines as legal categories in the EU and China. Functional foods as a borderline case

A Lähteenmäki-Uutela - 2009 - doria.fi
The thesis discusses the regulation of foodstuffs and medicines, and particularly the
regulation of functional foods. Legal systems investigated are the EU and China. Both are
members of the WTO and Codex Alimentarius, which binds European and Chinese rules ...

Tracking nitrogen losses in a greenhouse crop rotation experiment in North China using theEU-Rotate_N simulation model

R Guo, C Nendel, C Rahn, C Jiang, Q Chen - Environmental pollution, 2010 - Elsevier
Vegetable production in China is associated with high inputs of nitrogen, posing a risk of
losses to the environment. Organic matter mineralisation is a considerable source of
nitrogen (N) which is hard to quantify. In a two-year greenhouse cucumber experiment ...

Climate policy diffusion: interregional dialogue in ChinaEU relations

A Carrapatoso - Global Change, Peace & Security, 2011 - Taylor & Francis
National climate change policies are becoming similar, which can be interpreted as being a
result of policy diffusion processes. Many of those policies are inspired by EU climate
strategies. The EU actively promotes these policies in its external relations, such as in its ...

[LIVRE] EU external relations

KE Smith - 2003 - books.google.com
... Likewise, during 2005–06, there was a major crisis in trade between the EU and China because
of a surge of Chinese textile and clothing exports; this led to the imposition of quotas on Chinese
prod- ucts, but this in turn brought howls of anguish from EU retailers who had ...


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