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Social Media Management Platforms, The Intelligent Social Workflow, Competitive Analytics Platforms.

FranceWeb was created in 2002 by a team of entrepreneurs experts, with the aim of detecting, fostering and promoting innovation in digital services and uses. Working at the crossroads between technology, business, the arts and social change, FranceWeb is a network, an idea accelerator, a think tank and a resource for innovation.

Create, Listen,Publish

A new type of social management platform has emerged - one that creates intelligent social workflow and enables you to ideate, analyze and compare the channels, content, and campaigns of thousands of brands (including your own). While the traditional platforms are important and likely more well known, it's the later that pulls everything togheter and help answer the critical questions.


Key metrics that will give you an overall view of how your brand's social media is performing.

Instructions for locating these metrics

Bite-sized insights from industry experts


Social Media Analyst

Community Managers

Social Media Consultants

Account Planners/Strategists

3ARWD1.GIFSocial Media Analytics in Five Minutes a Day

La nouvelle société du savoir, l'apprentissage du partage des savoirs et des pouvoirs

 Le n°1 de la collaboration en ligne

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