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A new partnership between Britain and Europe. Prime Minister Theresa May set out the Plan for Britain, The right deal for Britain

1agld1r.gifPrime Minister Theresa May set out the Plan for Britain, including the 12 priorities that the UK government will use to negotiate Brexit.

A little over 6 months ago, the British people voted for change.

They voted to shape a brighter future for our country.

They voted to leave the European Union and embrace the world.

And they did so with their eyes open: accepting that the road ahead will be uncertain at times, but believing that it leads towards a brighter future for their children – and their grandchildren too.

And it is the job of this government to deliver it. That means more than negotiating our new relationship with the EU. It means taking the opportunity of this great moment of national change to step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be.

1agld1r.gifUK’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union White Paper


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Algeria expands into solar energy with new solar plant

Algeria expands into solar energy with new solar plant

Algeria's national hydrocarbon group Sonatrach and Italian oil company ENI laid Saturday the foundation stone of a 10-megawatt solar plant project in Bir Rebaa, Ouargla (800-km southeast of Algiers), planned to be operational from December 2017.

The chief executive officer of Sonatrach, Amine Mazouzi, and the ECO of ENI, Claudio Descalzi, laid together the foundation stone of the photovoltaic plan, which is due to meet part of the electricity needs of Bir Rebaa Nord's oil field, run by the symposium Sonatrach-Agip (a subsidiary of ENI).

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A Framework For Business Leadership In Africa

A Framework For Business Leadership In Africa

Leading in Africa/Emerging Markets

A new study (full study below) by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Business School provides businesses who are keen to succeed in African and emerging markets with a leadership framework. By examining the leadership approaches of senior leaders and executives operating in multinational corporations in four Sub-Saharan African countries, the study found that despite their significant differences, Western and African business leadership styles can be blended to form an entirely new construct.


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